Current Projects

The Collective is working on many projects to make food more accessible and affordable for all Holyokers. This page is updated frequently with more information and new projects so stay tuned!

Seedling CSA

Windy Ridge Organics is selling seedlings! For more information click here.

To purchase a seed share click here.

Garden Beds for your Backyard

The Collective has received a grant from the Grass Roots Fund to provide 15 families with raised bed gardens in their back yards. Our Volunteers will come and install the beds in your back yards.

La Collectiva ha recaudado dinero para proveer a 15 familias dos huertos(jardines) en sus patios para usar sus plantas. Nuestros voluntarios vendrán y instalarán las camas en sus patios traseros.

Apply here or Aplique Aqui

Or apply in person at the Holyoke Farmers Market! Puede aplicar en persona en el mercado de agricultores de Holyoke!

herd of hen
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Hen Ordinance for Holyoke

The Collective is removing support for the current hen ordinance due to the fact that it is prohibitive to the people it is meant to serve, and we plan to revisit it after city council elections of 2021, which will hopefully bring about a city council that is more in touch with the needs of its most vulnerable citizens. For more information click here.

Holyoke Farmers’ Market

The Holyoke Farmers Market is brought to you by The Holyoke Food and Equity Collective and the Holyoke Chamber of Commerce. For more information click here.

El mercado de agricultores es presentado por Holyoke Food and Equity Collective Holyoke y Holyoke Chamber of Commerce. ¡Haga clic aquí para más información!

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Holyoke Diaper Bank

Click here for more information.